Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tips: How to interact with client

Don't Say "No" - Why not let your client carry things to their own logical conclusion? Tell them what you need. If you say "no", tell them what you can do for them within their budgetary or time constraints. Be the person with solutions, not the one who always tells them "no."

Document Verbal Requirements - write down what client is asking for and ask a lot of questions. When you have all the information you need, send a document to the client reiterating in detail what they are asking for. Follow up with them to make sure that your document encompassed everything they need.

Listen to the Complaints - We are in the business of solutions and, like a doctor, if you can find out where the hurt is you can often provide the remedy. Your client's complaints can become some of you most successful innovative ideas.

Stop By Every Day - Try to stop by client's office everyday unless you are expressly asked not to. Keep the conversation light. As you are about to leave their office you can give them a quick update of important projects and what you are going to be working on that day or the next.

Regular Highlights - send out weekly highlights explaining what you are working on and the progress you are making. Also combine all the completed projects into a quarterly highlights document.

~ from "Overcoming Cultural Boundaries - A Necessary Skill of the Management Report Writer" by Joseph Faillace

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